8 reasons why you should pee in the shower (and not feel disgusted)

8 reasons why you should pee in the shower (and not feel disgusted)

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Come on, you can admit it. You have already peed in the shower. It’s not something that usually comes up in conversations over dinner, but we all let our pee run while bathing. at least a handful of times in our lives – and now you can actually urinate in the shower and feel good, rather than ashamed.

It turns out that peeing in the shower is not only pleasant and super convenient, but it’s actually eco-friendly, to boot. The University of East Anglia even created a ‘Go with the Flow’ campaign which became widespread in 2014 after two students estimated that peeing in the shower could save the campus from 187 million gallons of water per year. 187 million gallons – just by doing something that we all really want to do, anyway.

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And being green isn’t the only great thing about peeing in the shower. It is also good for your health.

So shower-peers, rejoice! You may have spent decades in the shadows, but not anymore. Here are all the reasons why peeing in the shower is even better than going to the bathroom.

It’s economical

The UofEA estimates that the new program will save the university more than $ 230,000 per year in water costs. Your personal savings might not be as impressive (although who knows how much you pee?), But who wouldn’t love to lower their utility bill?

It’s good for the environment

UofEA administrators say, “With 15,000 UEA students, over a year we would save enough water to fill an Olympic swimming pool 26 times.” They haven’t commented on how much of that already urine-filled pool water, but now you can imagine. You’re welcome. Plus, less paper waste in the sewer system means less cleaning required.

It’s more hygienic

Many public health officials have long wondered how toilet paper came to be the neat standard for post-potty cleaning. But it was Will.i.am who best explained the dilemma: “Take chocolate, wipe it on a wooden floor, then try to pick it up with dry towels.” You’re going to put chocolate in the cracks. That’s why you have to bring them baby wipes.

Dry paper just rubs things around and for women wiping from back to front can introduce bacteria into the urethra and cause painful infection. No problem in the shower where clean water rinses everything!

It’s cleaner

We are not as bad as men, but women can also sink, sink or “fog” the toilet seat. I don’t know how it goes but it happens. Add toilet paper to the mix and that’s how you end up with gas station toilets. There’s a reason many countries outside of the United States use bidets, toilet-like devices that inject water for bottom cleaning.

This article was originally published in October 2014.

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