ACT Rescue and Foster Launches Cute Rescue Dog Calendar | The Canberra Times

ACT Rescue and Foster Launches Cute Rescue Dog Calendar |  The Canberra Times

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Scottie, the Rescue Whippet, is living his best life, crowned by his big appearance on the 2021 ACT Foster and Rescue Calendar, which will officially launch next week. Scottie – Mr. December in the calendar – was assigned to the Canberra association in February of this year. It was adopted by retired Scullin couple Louise Nixon and Stuart Hay, who found it perfectly suited to their lifestyle, as happy to snuggle up as long walks on the beach. Stuart calls Scottie their “Velcro dog”. “He’s just glued to you, he loves being close to you,” Louise laughed. “But that’s what he does, he loves to come everywhere with us.” ARF is an association of people in Canberra who save dogs from euthanasia in local and regional kilos and temporarily cheer them on in their own homes. Welcoming is “as long as it takes to find them a loving and permanent home”. Since its inception in 2001, ARF has relocated over 3,200 dogs in Canberra and the surrounding area. Eighteen dogs were currently in care. Louise said that the fact that dogs like Scottie were placed in foster care prior to adoption meant that ARF could place them with the right potential owner. “They certainly make sure that the needs of the dog are met, as well as those of the adopter,” she said. “I think the other good reason to go through them is that they know the temperament and habits of dogs.” You know exactly what you are getting. They will tell you if there are any problems or habits. I think it’s just a great way to adopt a dog. Louise said Scottie came to foster care because it was originally given to someone as a housewarming gift. The previous owner couldn’t keep it because it didn’t have fences. He was left alone that day and it was not something the owner or the dog wanted. “Looks like the previous owner abandoned him because she wanted a better life for him,” Louise said. “This dog just loves people, so I feel like he’s from a very loving home, but he was alone.” We were fortunate to be retired to be able to be at home. house with him all day. “We just think he’s a wonderful addition to our family and we love him to pieces.” One of the big fundraisers for ARF is his calendar with the two saved. dogs that have been adopted and those who still need a home. Dusty, who came from Yass’s impound and was quickly relocated, features on the cover. Among the calendar dogs still waiting for a home is February Bindi. A two-year-old French Bulldog who was entrusted to the ARF in April, she is due to undergo knee surgery. The 2021 calendar will be started by renowned ARF veterinarian Dr Hamish Cameron of West Queanbeyan Veterinary Hospital. The launch will take place next Saturday. , October 10 at the Walt and Burley Pub on the Kingston Foreshore at 10 a.m. Calendars will cost $ 10. ARF 2021 calendars can be ordered from:

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