Adorable guide puppies named after BC provincial health worker – BC News

Adorable guide puppies named after BC provincial health worker - BC News

Bonnie and Henry so cute

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BC & Alberta Guide Dogs have announced the birth of 10 Labrador puppies – and two of the puppies have been named “Bonnie” and “Henry” in honor of Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer of British Columbia.

“Dr. Henry has been a wonderful presence of calm and guidance throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ”said Bill Thornton, CEO of the organization.

“Our organization felt it was a fitting tribute to name these little puppies after them, as they will one day grow up to provide those same qualities of advice and support to someone in need.

The litter of puppies will be in training to become guide dogs for the blind or visually impaired, assistance dogs for children with profound autism, and assistance dogs for PTSD for veterans and living first responders. with operational stress injuries.

At eight weeks old, they will be placed with volunteer puppy breeders who will help them train and raise them, with the help and supervision of the organization, until they are ready to enter advanced training. .

“Thank you for the incredible work BC Guide Dogs is doing, which supports so many people in British Columbia,” said Henry. “It’s an honor to have two such adorable namesakes. I want to send you my warmest wishes for the continued success of your organization during a difficult time for all of us. Taking a moment to appreciate the joy of two little puppies is therefore welcome.

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