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AFA racism story wasn’t the whole story

Tom Roeder’s article “General’s fight against racism resonates” (Sunday Reporter-Herald) caught my eye as a graduate of the USAFA and classmate of Lt. Gen. Silveria.

Several aspects of the article were troubling to me.

The article failed to clarify that the “racial slur had been written on a white board at the Preparatory School” was produced by a black student with less than honorable intentions. Lt Gen Silveria’s reaction, before learning these facts, was to hastily gather the entire Cadet wing and berate future USAF officers. Lt Gen Silveria’s impulsive reaction, without the necessary facts, lacked both the discipline and patience critical for our officers across all ranks. While his actions were celebrated in social media, his peer group, both active and retired, were largely shocked by his behavior. Insisting that each cadet film this ill-advised gathering was also a reflection of a lack of temperance, certainly before the facts of the incident were known. I can’t think of any rational reason for Lt Gen Silveria’s actions in this matter, particularly insisting that his emotional reaction be filmed.

I was also troubled by Lt Gen Silveria’s comments on the former commandant of cadets. Brig. Gen. Goodwin’s responsibilities were to instill the discipline and integrity demanded of our officers. Most who attended the Academy would argue that the commandant is the most crucial position at the USAFA in shaping the values of our future leaders. Yet, as reported, after defrauding the government and perjuring herself lying to Lt. Gen. Silveria and the investigation, Lt Gen Silveria expressed “nothing but the highest regard” for this disgraced officer. This expression of admiration undermines the office of superintendent as well as the core values of the USAFA which MUST be maintained through unflinching demand for integrity.

Keith Knudson, Col (ret), USAFR

USAFA, class of 1985

Gardner has been a productive senator

I have spent a great deal of time getting to know Sen. Cory Gardner, going back before his days in the House as Colorado’s 4th District representative. An honest family man, Cory has been one of the most productive senators, not just for Colorado, but including legislation to benefit the entire nation. His Great American Outdoors Act is one of the greatest, if not the best, piece of legislation to protect and preserve our great outdoors in American history.

Last month he was not vacationing as the misleading ads report, he was reaching across the aisle yet again to work with Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) to sponsor S. 4414 the American Dream Down Payment Act of 2020, introduced on Aug. 4 to the Senate Committee on Finance. This act will allow future homeowners to build down payment accounts tax free and with a wide spectrum of potential donor sources. Sen. Gardner has had eight bills signed into law, five by former President Obama and three with President Trump. His accomplishments for Colorado, Space Command Headquarters, BLM office relocated here, rural health care — the list goes on.

Cory Gardner is the good man for Colorado.

Douglas Braden

Fort Collins

Elect Mike Lynch for Colorado House District 49

Mike Lynch has many qualities that convince me that he would make an excellent member of the Colorado House of Representatives. Mike is a straight shooter and is available to talk to constituents. Mike is focused on three areas of public policy: infrastructure (transportation, water); school choice / vouchers; and reducing the size and scope of government. These items are critical to our future as more and more people relocate to Northern Colorado and stretch our already committed resources. Mike aims to be a representative of the people who will actually put the people first.

Mike has a long history of commitment and involvement in his communities. He has been a board member of the Loveland Downtown Working Group for Redevelopment, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Project Smile, Larimer County Rural Land Use Board, and the Northern Colorado Veterans Plaza Board, to name just a few.

We need Mike Lynch in the Colorado House of Representatives. Please join in and vote for Mike for House District 49’s representative in November.

Marcia Logan

Estes Park

Ginsburg had her chance to impact her successor

If reporting is accurate, it sounds like Justice Ginsburg wanted to impact who succeeded her at the court. She had the chance to do that of course, by resigning during the Obama administration, or perhaps she had planned to accomplish that during the Hillary Clinton  administration.

However, Democrats shouldn’t feel too bad, they got the Souter/Sotomayor seat and the John Roberts seat for free.

Steve Erickson


Vote for a better president

Trump is not the law and order president.

He is the lying president — over 20,000 lies

He is the sexual predator president. Twenty-six women have reported the details.

He is the hire-crooks president, including convicted Manafort, Gates, Stone, Flynn and Cohen.

He is the obstruction-of-justice president. Experts show evidence of obstruction of justice.

He is the treasonous president — encouraging Russia to interfere in the election.

He is the bullying president — if media run an unflattering true story, he says that it is fake news. When anyone disagrees with him, he attacks them verbally.

He is the create-havoc-and-violence president — when he sent unidentified armed men to Portland to “quell violence,” the violence got worse.

He is the conflict-of interest president. Trump failed to divest his businesses. He hired Barr as Attorney-General to protect Trump instead of protecting Americans.

He is the anti-health president. He removed regulations that kept our water and air clean. Inept pandemic leadership resulted in 200,000-plus dead. He tries to remove the Affordable Care Act, eliminating insurance for pre-existing conditions. He has no plan to replace the ACA.

We can do much better than Trump. Vote for Joe Biden for president.

Dave Mills


Goodbye, Mr. Unprincipled Sen. Cory Gardner

No principles! He announced that he supports the Republican rush to seat a new supreme court justice — he railed against Barack Obama’s nomination Merrick Garland in 2016 contending that a nominee should not be confirmed in a presidential election year. He broke his oath of office in the impeachment case against Donald Trump to render an impartial judgment. He has “erased” his opposition to killing Obamacare, a major theme of his political campaigns, first for the U.S. House in 2010 and then for the U.S. Senate in 2014.

There are no excuses or explanations that justify ramming through this Supreme Court appointment in the middle of a pandemic without the voting public’s approval of a new president. Doesn’t the people’s voice count?

Does Sen. Gardner have any principles? Or, is he simply a power-hungry politician in bed with Donald Trump to trash America? Send Sen. Gardner home on Nov. 3.

Kay F. Menzel


A VP for the canine party ticket

In reply to Dixie dog’s announcement for president, I would like to recommend Gracie, a 5-month-old beagle, for vice president. Notably
this would be the first all female ticket in our nation’s history!

Gracie brings with her Herschell, a 15-year-old Dachshund who is ready to bite the bullet (or anything else) fighting for the Dixie/Gracie
policies. Gracie hails from deep East Texas so she has an uptick on environmental issues. Herschell will work on bureaucracy with a focus
on reducing paperwork.

Gracie has an innate ability to sniff out problems and point them out. Her voice is rebarkable — she’s not a sitter and she won’t lie down for
inaction. Finally, Gracie pledges to attend all state dinners, dogtail parties and cafe town hall meetings.

Dixie and Gracie will take the nation leaping and bounding into the future! Let’s all support them. It’s time for a change! Let’s stop fighting like cats and dogs and start reigning cats and dogs.

Cognoscenti: Support Dixie and Gracie. Give them a wag and a nod!

Dana McAninch


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