An overview of the first line of animal welfare during

An overview of the first line of animal welfare during
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Friday October 2, 2020 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

October 2, 2020
How has the current coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on animal welfare organizations around the world over the past six months? World Animal Day, October 4, is the occasion to find out, through interviews with advocates who work hard to ensure animals are not overlooked during the crisis.

There are currently 93 World Animal Day Ambassadors in 73 countries around the world. One thing they all have in common is their passion for animal welfare.

Each Ambassador works for a registered nonprofit animal welfare organization and proudly holds up the World Animal Day banner. They were interviewed to give a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible work they are doing (and, against all odds, continue to do) throughout the pandemic.

Many organizations provide essential sterilization and veterinary services in their local communities.

Khageshwaar Sharma, Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART), Nepal, said: “The animal birth control program has been on hold for a few months. In addition, a pass was required to drive animals in need, as veterinary work is not recognized as an emergency service by the government of Nepal.

“We plan to use social media to interact with veterinary students and the general public who want to learn more about animal health. HART resident veterinarians will be available online to answer questions. “

Thomas Kahema, Executive Director of the Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO) said: “[Lockdown] means we need to focus on emergency relief rather than regular animal welfare services and education. The world isn’t focusing much on issues other than COVID-19 at the moment. “

This year, TAWESO will use World Animal Day to provide free veterinary services to the community animal hospital and raise awareness of their responsibilities.

Ryan O’Meara, former professional dog trainer and founder of K9 magazine and adoption website, said: “Dog rescues in the UK have been severely affected by COVID-19. There will likely be a sharp increase in the number of dogs being handed over to shelters in the coming years due to unethical breeders as well.

He said World Animal Day would be used to “raise awareness of the plight of dogs produced by irresponsible breeders and try to help people understand how they can help.”

Kurdistan Organization for the Protection of Animal Rights (KOARP) veterinarian Dr Sulaiman Tamer said: “COVID-19 has changed our plans slightly, but we will celebrate World Animal Day by vaccinating stray dogs and caring for sick animals. ”

“World Animal Day is the best way to share our message with the world. It helps to publicize our activities and the media coverage helps us enormously.

Svetlana Manojlovic, founder of the Society for the Protection of Animals in Podgorica, Montenegro, said: “Like everywhere, the pandemic has caused many problems for the animals. The state has supported us in posting promotional material urging owners not to give up their pets, as well as promoting various charitable projects.

Zhang Dan, co-founder of China Animal Protection Media Salon in Beijing, said, “From February to May, all offline activities have been canceled. From June, I was able to give lectures around China again. “

She hopes that in the future, “… all World Animal Day ambassadors around the world can come together to exchange ideas and gain more courage and wisdom!”

Most animal welfare organizations have adapted so that they can continue to share their educational messages, despite social distancing.

Sujoy Kumar Dutta, Secretary of People For Animals (PFA) Siliguri, India, said: “COVID-19 has changed a lot of things for us – our work hasn’t stopped completely, but we have to be safe in order to be able to come back better and stronger. We host online consultations for people with sick / injured animals. If it is an urgent case, we make sure to visit but with strict safety precautions. Recently, we have taken to social media to raise awareness about animal welfare issues. “

Mau Hamada, the founder of Egypt’s Alexandria Turtle and Wildlife Rescue Team, said: “Many plans have been changed or canceled due to COVID-19, but I am still giving lectures and awareness workshops on a weekly basis via a video link. I am preparing a video on animal welfare in my country featuring positive examples of shelters, vets and rescuers. It’s a thank you message and it’s good for networking, education and awareness ”.

World Animal Day is coordinated annually by Naturewatch Foundation, a UK-based registered animal welfare charity.

Caroline Ruane, CEO of Naturewatch Foundation, said: “We are honored that our ambassadors choose to participate in World Animal Day. Each of them is an expert in their field and devotes themselves entirely to their work, not only on October 4, but throughout the year. The extraordinary difference they make to the lives of animals is beyond words.

“If you work in animal welfare, or know someone who does, we regularly welcome new Ambassadors to our great team. Just an email [email protected] to learn more, or visit the website at “

To find ways to get involved on Sunday, October 4, go to

To read the full interviews, visit

——– END ——


About World Animal Day

The World Animal Day headquarters encourages animal welfare organizations, community groups, youth and children’s clubs, businesses and individuals to organize events to celebrate World Animal Day, which takes place held annually on October 4. celebrated in different ways in many countries, regardless of nationality, religion, faith or political ideology.

Events are organized under the umbrella of World Animal Day by being published on the website and advertised using the World Animal Day branding and logo. Global branding effectively links all events together, and over the years this approach has been particularly helpful for grassroots groups who struggle to gain media attention in order to publicize their work and raise funds. It draws attention to animal issues and makes it headlines – a critical catalyst for change. Each year, the logo becomes more widely recognized as a global brand for animals.

With the help of a team of ambassadors, World Animal Day headquarters is committed to encouraging support for the movement’s mission to elevate the status of animals around the world.

The story of World Animal Day.

About Naturewatch Foundation (coordinator of World Animal Day)

The Naturewatch Foundation is a registered charity that has spoken out on behalf of animals for over 25 years by: publishing the Compassionate Buying Guide (since 1993) campaigning peacefully against animal abuse; lobbying to improve animal protection legislation; awareness raising through education; the status of animals in the world 49 Rodney Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 1HX

Contact details (Naturewatch Foundation)

Claire Brazington, Communications Coordinator

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: +44 (0) 1242 252871


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