At $ 4000, could that custom 1997 Ford expedition get you flipping the lid?

At $ 4000, could that custom 1997 Ford expedition get you flipping the lid?

Good price or no diceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Today’s seller Good price or no dice custom open-top Ford The expedition says it was built to resemble the Himalayan expedition, a display built for the 1999 Specialized Equipment Market Association show in las vegas. This makes it the fanfiction of Ford trucks. Let’s see how well the seller determined their price.

It has been said that you separate men from boys by the price of their toys. I don’t know how this affects women as well, but I guess there is a similar adage for the ladies too.

We looked at a pretty expensive toy yesterday a 1988 Mooney M20L airplane and while it was powered by Porsche, its whole concept was a bit out of the wheelhouse for many of us. At $ 140,000 Canadian, it was also deemed too expensivey for the most part, winning a 74% loss with no dice. An important factor in this result was the location of the aircraft. Facebook Marketplace is one of the worst choices for a correct presentation, due to its minimal copy space and small image options. I guess the ubiquity of the platform makes up for that in the minds of some sellers.

I can’t say for sure that yesterday’s Mooney will be the last plane we will ever review. Heard that Qantas is retiring fleet of 747, after all. I mean, who wouldn’t want it?

Today, however, we return to our safe zone from Craigslist ads and the automotive world. That’s not to say that we’re going to be looking for something that isn’t a bit crazy. This is how we drive.

This Ford Expedition 1997 is a little crazy. If you notice, that’s not exactly alltogether there. Rear windows, tailgate and the central part of the roof went bye, replaced with a gaping hole that can be covered with a custom fabric roof.

Underneath is a roll with a tubular sectionbar which provides supports for the rearmost seat belts. Additional cross bars between the door frames prevent the body from folding up at the first moose pet. Each of these three crossbars is covered with black pool-noodle / pipe insulators to keep you from worrying.

The seller says the inspiration for the truck came from Himalayan Expedition, a personalized SUV built to impress the crowds at the 99 SEMA show. With the exception of lack of flares, siding and the outer tire holder, you can totally see the likeness. Also, I don’t think the Himalayas had any kind of peak at all.

The top of this truck would have been professionally manufactured, and he seems to be doing admirably well with more confusing snaps and hooks to undo than would be necessary to delete your prom underwear.

Everything looks tidy when in place, and the truck looks like a lot of fun when the top is stowed. In fact, the only really half-null aspect of this custom conversion is the remaining section of the tailgate. This has a fairly low mix (i.e., non-existent) to the old gaskets above the rear lights, and there is a gaping hole where the wiper arm called home. At least the builder added a central brake light. Remember, safety first.

The rest of the truck appears reasonably stock and in good condition. According to the ad, there is no rust anywhere, and the paint, other than these rear corners, appears to be in good condition. Underneath it all are factory alloys wrapped in what appear to be perfectly serviceable Continental tires. We don’t see much of the interior as it is mostly blocked by a dog, but what we can see appears to be beige.

Power here is provided by the Ford 5.4-lituh Triton V8. That’s good for 230 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. Behind this is a 4R70W four-speed automatic transmission powers all four wheels through a standard BorgWarner 4406 transfer case. The ad claims it is a “great racing truck” and notes that it comes with a title of its own.

Now a few questionable things about the ad. First of all, he says that this expedition is a 1996 model. That’s funny, since these were only introduced in the 97 model year. Production started in spring 1996, sales starting in October year, but they were all sold as 97s. Despite claims to the contrary in the ad, I am using 1997 in the post to avoid confusion.

The other problem is the lack of mileage reading in the ad. It is always a decisive factor in a purchasing decision, and without this information it’s a little more difficult for us to do our job. On the plus side, this truck comes equipped with the Eddie Bauer trim pack, and it’s chic.

At $ 4000, the price isn’t that fancy. That being said, this truck won’t be for everyone either. What we’re going to have to decide is if this price is for anyone.

What are you saying, is $ 4000 a fair price for the custom large convertible wagon? Or does that make it an expedition you would not recommend taking?

You decide!

Allentown, Pennsylvania Craigslist, where to go here if the ad disappears.

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