Avoiding public toilet seats during the pandemic? Here is your secret weapon.

Avoiding public toilet seats during the pandemic?  Here is your secret weapon.

Should I go where there is no toilet? Discover the vast world of FUD – urination devices for women. (Photo: Getty Images)

Having the urge to pee in a public place is a challenge for women every day of the year. But now – between the coronavirus making public toilets risky (or at least perceived to be) and the likelihood that you’ll be at a crowded protest without a Porta pot in sight – you might feel more bewildered than ever as to where to relieve quick and surreptitiously yourself.

Step into a weirdly stimulating and life-changing product: the Female Urination Device (FUD), which allows women to pee while standing up.

Ranging from small funnels to thin troughs, these little plastic objects, when held firmly against the body above the urethra, allow women to pee without sitting, squatting, or falling. The portable and miraculous FUDs come with cute names and little carrying cases and will only set you back $ 10- $ 30, but they hold the power to transform the way we cry.

Female urinary tract test

You might be wondering if FUDs actually work and what kinds of mechanisms are involved in this quick fix. As a life member of the Little Bladder Club, I decided to try a few of them in a variety of settings – at the beach, on a hike, on the side of a busy road and in my own toilet. Although it took some getting used to (and a bit of practice at home) for my muscles to adjust to relieve me on my standing, all of the products worked great.

Still, to make shopping easier, here are a few more details: A breakdown of seven reusable (and one single-use) options on the market right now, along with the pros and cons of each. My favorite ended up being Tinkle Belle – but hey, it’s personal. They are all very good. (And here’s a tip: since none come with wipes, it’s a good idea to take some with you, so you can clean the thing up before putting it back in its carrying case!)

Freshette (Photo: Amazon)
Freshette (Photo: Amazon)

From the company: “A female urinary director for camping, travel and medical needs… For use when toilets are unavailable or unsanitary.”

What does it look like: Narrow, hard plastic funnel with removable extension tube comes in a sturdy, reusable plastic bag.

Benefits: Very light, can be positioned easily.

The inconvenients: The extension tube is difficult to push in and move.

GoGirl (Photo: Amazon)
GoGirl (Photo: Amazon)

From the company: “Don’t take life sitting down… The greatest adventure in life shouldn’t be finding a bathroom!”

What does it look like: Ultra-soft and narrow silicone funnel that is so flexible you can crush it all into a ball in your fist.

Benefits: Very light, compact and easy to position.

The inconvenients: Silicone is so flexible that you don’t want to hold it too tightly against yourself, for fear of crushing it and causing a spill.

Preebol (Photo: Amazon)
Preebol (Photo: Amazon)

From the company: “Quickly turns urine into a solid gel… Unisex.”

What does it look like: From the makers of Shewee (below), this is a disposable plastic bag filled with tiny beads (like in a diaper) that turn urine into a splash gel. (This is one of the many disposable versions of a FUD on the market.)

Benefits: Convenient to use and carry / keep in the car.

The inconvenients: Not environmentally friendly

PStyle (Photo: Amazon)
PStyle (Photo: Amazon)

From the company: “The pStyle is a urinary tract (FUD) that allows women, non-binary people and trans men to pee while standing up without undressing. Ideal for outdoor recreation such as hiking and climbing, outdoor activities such as military or farming, festivals, events, travel and more! “

What does it look like: Extremely light hard plastic trough, open at the top and delivered with an organic cotton carrying case.

Benefits: It has a simple design with no extensions or parts that can bend, and is light as air, so won’t add extra weight to a backpack. Plus, the open top lets you see it working, and the hard plastic makes it easy to maneuver and position.

The inconvenients: The plastic feels a bit too harsh on you.

Shewee (Photo: Amazon)
Shewee (Photo: Amazon)

From the company: “Female urination device since 1999, do not accept any imitation!” Stand up and take control, and dodge the dirty festival portable loos and dark public toilets! Great for traffic jams, festivals, women in the military and LOTS more!

What does it look like: A hard, narrow plastic funnel with a removable extension that comes with its own hard carrying case and is available in a range of fun colors, from aqua to lilac.

Benefits: It is very light and easy to position, and the carrying case, since it is not made of fabric, will not get wet when you replace the Shewee after use.

The inconvenients: Almost impossible to use without the extension hose, so this extra step is required.

Shewee Flexi (Photo: Amazon)
Shewee Flexi (Photo: Amazon)

From the company: “A flexible and larger version of the original female urination device since 1999!”

What does it look like: Narrow funnel design, made of flexible silicone, with removable hard plastic extension and no carrying case.

Benefits: It is light and soft and easy to carry.

The inconvenients: The narrowness of the funnel, though slightly larger than the original Shewee, makes it difficult to position correctly – or at least create that illusion – and you can feel the silicone heat up in your hand as it goes. as you go, which is disconcerting.

Su Amiga (Photo: Amazon)
Su Amiga (Photo: Amazon)

From the company: “Su Amiga is the only female urination device that allows women to pee while standing without lowering their pants at all. No more grinding of teeth and embarrassment. Pee in style like a man, without revealing your strengths. “

What does it look like: Soft, wide and flexible silicone funnel with a lower half that retracts to easily slip into its cinch-top bag.

Benefits: Soft touch and flexibility make packaging easy. Very easy to position correctly.

The inconvenients: The retractable part can make cleaning more complex while on the go.

Tinkle Belle (Photo: Amazon)
Tinkle Belle (Photo: Amazon)

From the company: “It doesn’t overflow or collapse like silicone funnels. Just tuck it into a fly or drag your clothes down, point the spout down and you’re good to go!

What does it look like: A narrow, silicone-lined plastic trough with an open top; the bottom half is made of flexible silicone which folds up so the item can fit in its cute zippered carry bag.

Benefits: Foolproof use, and the silicone liner adds comfort to the hard plastic body; it also offers a no-wipe “squeegee” lip, which actually works.

The inconvenients: The flexible tip has to be bent to fit in the pouch, but then gets stuck that way and is difficult to straighten to its original position afterwards, making the carrying bag unnecessary.

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