‘Big Loser’ sits in the White House

'Big Loser' sits in the White House
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“In the end, Mr. Trump was more successful in playing a business mogul than being one in real life, ”noted the New York Times in his hit report on the president paying less federal tax than the White House maintenance staff. The Times got it right.

Trump’s tax evasion may be perfectly legal, according to Stuart Seigel, former IRS legal counsel and senior advisor to the Dilenschneider Group.

He said that many in the real estate industry pay little or no federal tax.

“I have never met anyone entitled to these losses who did not use them. Do you expect, for example, that people will refuse to claim qualifying tax credits because of perceived patriotism? Seigel wrote in a note to clients.

This misses the point. To paraphrase James Carville, “These are the losses, stupid.”

How could Trump lose all this money?

The Times article demolishes the notion that Trump is a successful businessman once and for all. Voters bought this scam in the 2016 election. Hopefully they won’t buy it again.

Trump, in fact, is a business disaster. He racked up $ 427 million in earnings playing the role of a business mogul on the reality show “The Apprentice”. But in the real world, he invested that money in golf courses, casinos, and hotels and lost his shirt.

Trump would label anyone with their poor investment history a “big loser” and unfit to become President of the United States.

He would be right.

Dear, dear and sensitive Melania… The State Department inspector general determined on September 25 that the agency snatched an International Women of Courage award from Finnish journalist Jessikka Aro for criticizing President Trump on social media. To make matters worse, the State Department tried to cover up the sordid episode.

Aro won the IWOC award for his work in exposing Russian propaganda and disinformation.

She was to be honored at the March 7, 2019 gala hosted by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and attended by First Lady Melania Trump.

After interviewing people involved in the selection process, the IG reported that State Department officials feared Aro would make “political statements” at the event, which was held in the capital. of a nation blessed by the First Amendment.

These words would apparently have upset the tender sensibilities of the First Lady.

Melania may also have been uncomfortable with Aro’s work to speak out against Russian disinformation, which is hitting quite close to home, as her husband relied on the help of her pal, Vladimir Putin, to win the awards. 2016 elections.

About the event, the First Lady said:

“It is a great honor to meet and celebrate the incredible accomplishments of these women and the inspiring efforts they have undertaken. I am proud to be the First Lady of a country where our democracy not only enables, but strengthens the capacity to defend and promote all of our rights. These women are beacons of hope for many people around the world.

These are empty words.

An embarrassed State Department has tried to cover up its efforts to play pocket dog in Trump’s White House. She claimed to have erred in telling Aro that she deserved the award.

The IG did not buy the camouflage.

Bring journalists together… Reporters Without Borders urges US law enforcement to respect journalists’ right to cover their activity without fear of reprisal.

The appeal follows the September 22 arrest of April Ehrlich, a reporter for an NPR affiliate, who covered the eviction of homeless people from an Oregon park.

Ehrlich was arrested after refusing to go to a “media gathering area” and began interviewing those deported. She was charged with second degree criminal trespassing, interference with a police officer and resisting arrest.

The journalism group says it is “appalling” that Ehrlich was arrested for covering a matter of public interest in a public park.

The United States ranks 45th out of 180 countries in the RWB World Press Freedom Index. It’s a shame.


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