Colchester families donate homes to lifesaving assistance dogs

Colchester families donate homes to lifesaving assistance dogs

Trainers who help prepare dogs to save the lives of people with health problems are looking for volunteers in Colchester.

Charity Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to save lives using their incredible sense of smell.

But doggies need a home while they do their training, with many being trained in Essex.

It includes bio-sensing dogs that learn the scent of diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and malaria.

The charity also trains medical alert dogs that work with people with complex health conditions such as type 1 diabetes and severe allergies, giving them a warning that a medical crisis is upon us. about to happen.

The charity is calling on people in North Essex to become volunteer socializers to care for young dogs during their training.

Ali Charnick, Colchester Socialization Trainer, said: “I am fortunate to have a great team of volunteers across Essex and Suffolk who give a lot of time and love to our dogs in training.

“They work hard to produce well-rounded dogs that do an amazing job saving lives.

“But it would be great to hear from more people who might join our team at Medical Detection Dogs.”

Claire Baker, Volunteer Manager, added: “The charity is proud to have a no-kennel policy and it is important to us that our dogs live in a loving family environment before being associated with a client. or work as a biological detection dog.

“Without the help of our wonderful social and puppy and dog feeder volunteers, we couldn’t train our life-saving dogs.

“You will need to be at home most of the day and be able to travel to the Colchester area for training courses.”

If you are interested, contact Claire Baker on 01296 655888 or send an email to

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