Crime in South Delta Beaten Week of September 21 – North Delta Reporter

Crime in South Delta Beaten Week of September 21 - North Delta Reporter
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The purpose of the fight against crime is to educate and inform the public about some of the trends in property crime occurring in the South Delta and other issues of interest. It is submitted weekly by the Delta Police Department. If you see something that you believe is suspicious, call 911 for ongoing crimes and emergencies or 604-946-4411 for other assistance.

Here are some of the calls police responded to the previous week:


• September 23, 3:12 pm Holly Park Street, 6200 Holly Park Street: The complainant reported an incident involving an online purchase to police that she was not satisfied with. She reported buying a watch from a man online. The complainant went to the man’s residence and exchanged money for the item. When she got home, she couldn’t turn on the watch. The male offered to show her how to use it, but she was upset and wanted her money back. The complainant returned to the man’s residence and asked for his money, but the man would not open the door and the complainant therefore tried to push it. The male finally threw the money out the door and she returned the watch. The complainant wanted the incident documented.

• September 24, 6800 Block, Highway 17: Police observed a vehicle passing the officer at a high speed, estimated at 120 km / h in an 80 km / h zone. The radar tracked the vehicle’s speed at 117 km / h and increasing; the final radar lock speed was 130 km / h. The vehicle was subsequently stopped, the driver was advised of the reason for the stop, and he provided his British Columbia driver’s license and vehicle registration. He was charged with speeding and served a traffic ticket, and his vehicle was impounded. He left in a taxi.

Tsawwassen and Tsawwassen First Nation

• September 21, 3:34 pm, 5,000-block Canoe Pass Way: Complainant called police to report two shoplifters who stole items from his store. An employee alerted him that two women came out of the store with unknown items and started running when confronted by staff. The complainant saw the women get into a vehicle and directed the police to their location. The police carried out a roadside check and identified the driver and passenger. Prominently in the back seat, police observed goods still bearing tags. The driver admitted to stealing shoes and face masks. He was stopped. The police recovered the stolen items and returned them to the complainant. The total value was $ 258.90.

• September 23, which occurred during the night, rue 5200, 3e avenue: the complainant reported a car theft that had occurred in the driveway of her residence. The theft of his vehicle occurred overnight. No sign of forced entry. The complainant believes that her child may have played with the key fob and unlocked the vehicle accidentally. The approximate value of the stolen goods is $ 2,800.

• September 24, 3:15 pm, 1 Chaussée des traversiers: The complainant reported that a drunken man outside the terminal was refused service because of his degree of intoxication. The police were called to check the man’s well-being. Police attended and found the man who smelled strongly of alcohol on his breath as well as other signs of impairment. He also had an open, clear liquor bottle that could be seen prominently in the man’s gym bag. Police said he was intoxicated in a public place and in possession of open air alcohol in a public place. The petitions confirmed that the man did not comply with the conditions ordered by the court. He was arrested and taken to cells for incarceration.

South Delta

• September 21, 3:34 pm, location omitted: The complainant reported that her tenants upstairs were knocking on her windows. The police arrived and all parties were separated. The complainant said she was upset that the tenants upstairs were using the driveway as a car wash without a business license. Delta Bylaws was present on that date and performed an inspection. The tenants on the second floor were informed by the regulations that they were not committing any infractions. The complainant was very drunk and upset that he was making too much noise. Nothing physical took place. The parties have agreed to avoid each other and to respect each other’s privacy. Each party has indicated that they will contact their owner for future disputes.

• September 25, 7:56 pm 96th Street: The complainant called the police to report a suspicious circumstance that had arisen earlier in the evening. At approximately 7:15 p.m., a man driving a black SUV slowly passed his residence while watching his children play in the front yard. The male then parked his vehicle in front of his neighbor’s house and walked to his yard with his dog. He walked into his yard and stood on his grass as he spoke with his children. When the complainant got out, the man left. Descriptions of the vehicle, the male and his dog were given to the police. The police are investigating.
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