Debate moderator just another hostile interrogator

Debate moderator just another hostile interrogator

Two-on-one is Democratic fun, and that’s what the president opposed last night.

He even said it at first, telling Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, “I guess I’m debating you, not him. But it is okay.”

Wallace read the DNC talking points right away – climate change, the Charlottesville duck, election “integrity” – even until the last New York Times review of the president’s tax returns.

President Trump came out fighting everyone, including the moderator. A crowd would have helped. It’s easy to sound sympathetic when you talk about shutting everything down, but who’s really in favor of shutting down schools?

“People need help,” Joe Biden said.

“So why haven’t you done it for 25 years?” Trump responded.

But Biden came up with the meanest slurs – Trump is a clown, he’s a racist, etc.

Sometimes Trump could have been better served by not interrupting him, by letting Joe Biden continue to speak. Time and time again, Biden looked like he was on the verge of losing him, like when Joe said of his son Hunter’s drug addiction, “He’s passed him.

Biden claimed he saved the auto industry. He saved the economy, period. He comes from the suburbs. (Scranton is now a suburb?) He’s not for the Green New Deal. His running mate is….

Trump seemed irritated by the two-on-one format, which he had to know was coming. He’s used to dealing with hostile questioners every day, but not so much of seeing someone come in from the side and heckle them and basically get a free pass against any kind of pushback.

Biden used the old, discredited Atlantic story that Trump was insulting World War I servicemen buried in France. (The Atlantic released a new anonymous hit piece on Tuesday, with POTUS allegedly insulting evangelicals. I guess the Times tax story didn’t really have the legs for its third go-around.)

Of course, Trump responded to the Atlantic article by pointing out that during a speech, Biden actually called his military audience “stupid bastards.” On videotape.

But it was maybe an hour later.

Biden continued to address, albeit inconsistently, the audience at home. Trump, on the other hand, was talking to Chris Wallace. Trump got the hits the hard-core wanted to get in – calling Biden stupid, basically, working Hunter Biden whenever he could, making him refuse to support “law and order,” pointing out his lies about going to the state of Delaware….

At first, Joe was less confused than most of the time. He called Amy Coney Barrett a “judge” when in fact she is a judge. He mixed 200 million and 200,000 once. In another context, he said, 19 companies rose to 91.

Finally, 50 minutes later, Hunter Biden’s name was mentioned. Billions from China, then the $ 3.5 million from the corrupt Moscow mayor’s wife.

“Totally discredited,” Biden kept repeating. “Totally discredited.”

No, it is not.

“He received 3.5 million dollars from Moscow,” he said. “Why did he deserve $ 3.5 million from Moscow?”

“Here’s the deal….”

Now we were finally getting somewhere.

Biden looked at the camera and said, “It’s about you.”

That’s what his masters told Biden to do. Call Trump a clown, call him “man,” but never talk about the vice president’s alcoholic and coke son.

“He didn’t get a dishonorable discharge,” Biden said.

Of course he didn’t. He was the vice president’s son.

Then Wallace dusted off the old duck on the “very good people” of Charlottesville. Toss Biden another sneaky softball, Chuck, I mean Chris.

Biden recites all the lines of his masters. Peaceful demonstrations. Dog whistles. Coming out of the bunker. One in five African-Americans killed by COVID-19? Then he corrects himself.

Trump comes back harsh, reminding Biden of how he called criminals, mostly blacks, “super predators.”

“I don’t think you have law enforcement support. Because if you did, you would lose all your far left support…. They wrapped you around their finger.

I don’t think this debate has changed my mind too much. You saw what the mainstream media said last night. Biden was the winner. Just like Hillary was in 2016, right?

Is it too late to appoint Joe Rogan as moderator of the next debate?

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