Dogology University founder to have free book signing in Ann Arbor on Saturday

Dogology University founder to have free book signing in Ann Arbor on Saturday

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – On Saturday, Metro-Detroit Dogology University founder Matthew Lamarand will host a free book signing at Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea on West Washington Street in downtown Ann Arbor.

A K-9 veteran for the US Army, Lamarand will donate copies of his second book, “Dogology 202,” to Ann Arborites who buys food or drink from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Following her first book, which educated frustrated dog owners about what went on between their puppies’ pointy ears (or floppy disks), Lamarand’s “Dogology 202” features apps on how to channel the pent-up frustrations of our four. legged friends.

Passionate about puppies, Lamarand said he began devoting his life to dogs after his own Rottweiler helped him through the dark times while battling PTSD.

We spoke with Lamarand about his latest book, which focuses on high energy dogs.

A4: Your book addresses many issues that face those who have dogs: self-awareness, verbal and non-verbal commands, games, and reinforcement. Which do you think is the most difficult for people to learn?

Lamarand: “This is the first chapter of my book: Patience. I think we expect the dog to be just a dog and understand. And the biggest complaint that we [Dogology University] get is “our dog is messing around in the house, our dog is pulling on the leash and our dog is barking at all” and those are time consuming things. ”

“You can’t just tell your dog to shut up – he doesn’t speak English. It means nothing [to dogs.]”

He said owning a pet is a lot like being a parent and it takes patience.

A4: Once someone has read your book and created a better relationship with their dog, what do you hope readers could take away from what you wrote?

Lamarand: “This communication is essential. Communication is essential in all aspects of everyone’s life – with your partner, your spouse, your friends and most of all with your dog.

“We can’t verbally communicate English to English, but we can understand their movements. We can understand what they are asking for if we just take the time to listen. It’s a two-way street.

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As for Lamarand’s favorite game to play with his dogs? He likes to play “idiots” – a time, right before training, where he gets to be as clumsy as possible to make his dog more interested in him than anything else.

Matthew Lamarand’s latest dog education book. Photo | Facebook page of the University of Dogology

In addition to his mission to educate humans about their dogs (as well as training dogs at his Dogology University in Canton), Lamarand also began training Valor, a 9 week old rescued pit bull puppy, to become a post-traumatic stress service. dog for a veteran.

Lamarand’s mission for the next 14 months is to provide training and medical care to Valor so that it can be given free to a disabled veteran. Bravery will also be used to combat the stereotype of the “bad” pit bull and to show that breed does not matter in dog obedience and training. Those interested in learning more about Valor can visit the Fundraising Facebook page.

Lamarand will have his two books, “Dogology 202: Secrets to Living with a High Energy Dog”, and “Dogology 101: The Secret Language of Dog Whispering”, available when signing his book. Their website has a free, downloadable e-book filled with fun dog and human games.

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea can be found at 123 West Washington Ave.

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