Falmouth playgrounds will be closed if social distancing violations continue

Falmouth playgrounds will be closed if social distancing violations continue
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Falmouth City Council has warned users of the playground to adhere to social distancing rules or risk having parks closed

Olivier Vergnault

By Olivier Vergnault

Kimberley Play Park in Falmouth (Image: Earth Wrights)

Playgrounds in Falmouth, Cornwall, could be closed if people continue to violate social distancing rules, city council has warned.

Users of the city’s playgrounds are reminded to respect social distancing rules and keep the area free from dog damage.

The city council has warned residents and visitors who use the resort town’s play parks that social distancing rules must be observed at all times in accordance with government guidelines.

The warning comes as city council officials said they noticed constant violations. They have now warned that if the violations continue, the playgrounds will have to be closed.

A city council spokesperson said: ‘We are very keen to ensure that residents and visitors to Falmouth enjoy the playgrounds and stay healthy so that our officers make a final appeal to the public to take the advice at serious.

“Please bring and use disinfectant, do not gather in groups larger than the six allowed, respect the required social distance and when in doubt, wear a face mask. Your actions matter to everyone.”

He added: “Our agents will continue to monitor the situation and if the situation does not improve immediately, we will be forced to shut down all of our gaming facilities.”

Meanwhile, dog owners are also reminded that dogs are not allowed in city play areas as dog damage poses a health risk to children who use the parks.


The council spokesperson added: “We have had a growing number of reports of people taking their dogs to Falmouth playgrounds. This is not allowed.

“Dogs in children’s playgrounds pose a major risk to health and injury due to both aggression and the threat of an infection called toxicariasis.”

Toxocariasis is a rare infection caused by roundworm parasites. Humans can get it by handling soil or sand contaminated with the feces of infected animals.

Dog feces can also carry e-coli and sometimes hepatitis.

Guide dogs for the visually impaired are excluded from this advice

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