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JOLIET, IL – The Monday column calling for Joliet city councilor Mike Turk will not be re-elected after 33 years on the board, readers of Joliet Patch have elicited a wide range of reactions.

At least 42 people have commented at the bottom of my column, offering their opinion on whether they agree that now is the time for Turk not to re-elect and let someone else in Joliet have a chance to serve the residents of the third largest state. city.

Joliet voters first put Turk in power as general representative in the April 1987 elections.

For the past two years, Turk has been directly responsible for creating divisions and dysfunctions within the town hall, especially in the office of the city manager.

On top of that, Turk voted to increase numerous taxes on residents and visitors to Joliet, tax hikes that took effect this year. The one that hits your wallet every week is the additional 3 cents per gallon fuel tax increase Turk helped push through as part of the city’s 2020 budget.

In the Monday column I wrote: “Sources in the labor and trades sector have told me that Turk would not benefit from their support if he stands for re-election in April. For the sake of Turk’s political legacy, let’s hope he makes the wise decision and chooses not to run. the 2021 race. “

Turk still has a few months to apply. But, in the electoral world, the longer you wait and stay undecided, the more likely you are to give your opponents a chance to campaign against your record, with no chance to counter their attacks.

There are three open seats for the Joliet municipal council in general during the April 6 elections.

Here’s a look at some of the comments from loyal Patch readers, offering their reaction to my Turkish column. The name used by the patch commentator is shown below in bold.

Tom Donk: “This guy did more to destroy Joliet than anyone else in history. Things that happened under his leadership: Splash Station fiasco, Ball Park fiasco, perpetual support of Rialto, spending taxpayer money on a former prison, renovation of the $ 10 million “homeless” library, CenterPoint Road Destroyer, business model of the city of tattoo parlors, payday loan shops and warehouses, increase in tax on fuel, motel tax increase, complete mismanagement of the ongoing water crisis, constant hiring of consultants to perform the duties of city workers, city manager hires fiasco, unfunded city pensions city, uncontrolled westward expansion of the “vinyl jungle”, uncontrollable shootings all over the city. “


SoxFanatic1: “I’ll start by saying that I’m not a fan of the ‘opinion pieces’ written by Ferak. Mike Turk has worked for many years to represent the people of Joliet and has done an outstanding job. He doesn’t deserve to be. fired. behind after so long. Many of those years, I don’t think Ferak was even in the area. These opinion pieces change the way people think and even if it’s just a few votes, that’s enough for influence an election. Ferak just has to report the news and stop trying to have some sort of agenda, that’s not his job. If Mike Turk has been in local politics, I’d like him to tell you a big THANK YOU for everything you have done !! “

Kathy: “Wow! This article is nothing more than a political advertisement to pave the way for the puppet of OD Shanahan, the man who was fired from the town of Joliet.”

Freddy M is back: “Mr. Ferak, great job! You brought up a lot of positives in this article. That’s why I think Patch is better than Herald, we have some great people on board who really care about Joliet. Turk and the rest. of Mudron 5 need to go. “

Joey C: “Looks like ‘Kathy’ can’t stand the fact that the old guard is about to be dismantled.”

Johnny: “Turk’s not going anywhere. Wait and see.”

Reggie Brown: “This article is your opinion and not that of the voters. Just like your restaurant reviews, are you your opinion … You don’t have another restaurant to eat?”

Jackie Daytona: “Oh yeah, that’s the opinion of the vast majority of voters. If Turk is stupid enough to run again, it’ll be a bad finish.”


Anyway, if you missed reading my Monday column on Turk, you can still do so here.

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