Fremont County’s ‘Best Bakery’ Partners with Junior Football Concession Stand

Fremont County's 'Best Bakery' Partners with Junior Football Concession Stand

FREMONT COUNTY, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) –

A Riverton football team’s concession stand hardly opened at all this year, but when it did, they had to raise prices to the next dollar due to parts shortage. What happened next was a decision that worked well for all parties involved. The Riverton Junior Football League has decided to offer their customers a new take on match day food with a local twist.

When Roni Roemmich, owner of Sweet Surprises Gourmet Cupcakes, was asked if she could help with the Junior Football concession stand, she rose to the challenge and has now produced more hot dog buns for the stand. every week.

Roemmich said: “Brett just came over to me and wanted to know if I knew how to make hot dog buns, and I said ‘Sure, why not?’ When he did, we really started to check things out, and now it just increased exponentially.

When Riverton Junior Football president Brett Watson was asked about the inspiration for the gourmet fare, he said, “How about a local hot dog bun, so we came up with what we call the Wolverine Dog and Spartan Dog for RMS, then more recently Wrangler Dog with Bunk’s BBQ because their kids go to Shoshoni.

Roemmich added: “In the last three weeks we’ve gone from 20 buns to now 75 and it sells out steadily, which is great because it helps kids with all their football gear, and people really have to. good food. Brett is a phenomenal cook, he has some great ideas, I’m just happy to be a part of it.

Roemmich brings the wholesale buns to the football program because she knows the benefits it brings to children who play. Watson says profits from the booth are donated to football equipment for up to 200 children.

Watson pointed out, “We’re cutting our costs, we’re probably the cheapest football league in the state, but it’s because of things like this. We’re fundraising at the same time, it saves parents paying higher registration fees, so it worked really well.

“If they are fundraising, I always try to help them in any way I can,” Roemmich said. And this hot dog bun partnership isn’t the only reason Sweet Surprises Bakery has garnered a little more attention lately. They were also recently named the best bakery in Fremont County with the first annual “Best of the Best in Fremont County” award. ”

Sweet Surprises Bakery is located on Main Street in Riverton and has been open at its physical location for two and a half years. Previously, the owner cooked in her house and sold her baked goods at farmers’ markets.

When asked for his reaction to the award, Roemmich said, “Well, I was a little surprised to be voted the best bakery in Fremont County. It is a great honor, I am happy that people appreciate everything we do here. Just knowing that we are making everything from scratch and doing our best every day, yes, it’s kind of nice to be recognized.

And even if you’re trying to avoid sweets or carbs, the bakery has healthy smoothie, salad, and soup options.

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