“He ripped it off” – Roman Reigns reacts to The Rock’s superhuman strength

"He ripped it off" - Roman Reigns reacts to The Rock's superhuman strength

Even though Roman Reigns is a formidable, unifying heel, he’s the same funny person outside of WWE as the rest of us. One of the most interesting aspects of his personal life is his relationship with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In a recent interview with Complex, “The Big Dog” expressed his thoughts on The Rock walking through the doors of his own house on his way to work.

“Yeah, I saw it on Instagram, I can definitely see it doing it, but what really surprised me is that you saw all the trash. He had like 10 tra… I’m like, I thought I had a bunch of trash, “ Reigns joked. “We have like 3 bins and the recycling bin, but I saw like 10 bins like, who the hell has 10 bins.”

Dwayne Johnson was having a tough morning. Electricity in his area of ​​residence was temporarily cut off. This meant that his electric doors would not operate or open to anyone, even him.

Johnson was late for work and was frustrated with the situation. Taking matters into his own hands, he literally demolished the large metal doors with his own hands!

Roman Reigns has a very unusual draw of the incident

“The Brahma Bull” then shared a photo of the same on Instagram, which became the topic of discussion for the rest of the day.

“He ripped it off. It’s the dedication here. It means you have a good job. When you are ready to damage your house to go to work, it means you have a good career, ” said Reigns.

This massive feat of strength is not at all surprising. The Rock is known to be a sort of global fitness ambassador. His physique has only improved since he left WWE and he has now grown into one of the most popular figures in the world.

WWE Clash Of Champions: Roman Reigns Was A Cruel And Perfect Heel - Flipboard

Roman Reigns was teased by a fight with The Rock, who happens to be his cousin. Johnson has already mentioned that he would be ready if the plans came to him.

Reigns will have to climb this mountain. We don’t know about him, but any sane person would know better than to challenge a man who has torn his own doors open with his bare hands.

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