Jameela Jamil applauds people who send her hate online

Jameela Jamil applauds people who send her hate online

Jameela Jamil once again proved how much of a wild queen she was by clapping to the trolls. The actress posted an old photo of herself that was circulating on the internet and called the person who started it.

In the photo, the model is seen standing fully dressed in her home in a cute lilac dress. In the photo, a bunch of hair could be seen on the ground near the star’s feet. People have lashed out at Jameela thinking the hair is actually his pubic hair. When, in reality, they were her boyfriend after a haircut. The activist gave the trolls a taste of their own medicine, writing:

“Omg LOL, the urge to hang out is so intense on the internet that someone is circulating this old photo after my boyfriend’s haircut like it’s no joke and my DMs are now full of people so personally abusive. You are stupid or humorless. It’s one or the other.

Ps. I forgot how beautiful this dress was! will have to wear it around the house soon.

Many fans and friends came to support Jameela. It’s always refreshing to see women standing up for other women like Jameela always has.

Jameela responds to people who don’t care about his health

Jameela has always been a target for trolls. Just like a few months ago, a comedian joked that Jameela would be the first “famous person” to catch the coronavirus. What Jameela defended herself by saying:

“If you want to make a joke about how I’m going to be the first actress with coronavirus, you’re late and you’re basic.

She further pointed out how very serious the health and physical conditions of others are and this should be our concern:

“Jokes about my mental and physical health don’t hurt me as much as other more vulnerable people with chronic illness / invisible disability / real munchausens”

The actress has also been seen defending herself over her health at other times when, a few months ago, the The Good Place actress criticized “false accusations” that she was dishonest about her medical history. and suffered from Munchausen syndrome. Jameela replied:

“I had to fight like a dog this week against false accusations, people who frame my words and deliberately take them out of context, try to discredit all my integrity and prey on disabled family members. And why? To keep me from being an eating disorder activist? To keep from de-stigmatizing conversations about mental health, suicides, sexual consent, abortions, women’s rights, trans rights? “

It proves that Jameela doesn’t care what the world says. She will always be a champion of the causes in which she believes. And that’s why we worship him for it.

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