Lamborghini Urus Graphite 2021 capsule is all about contrast

Lamborghini Urus Graphite 2021 capsule is all about contrast

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There are apparently two reasons to buy a 2021 Lamborghini Urus. The first concerns performance. The other is to stand out. The Urus does both well, but Lamborghini is hoping the new Graphite Capsule model will further improve the large Lambo’s ability to grab attention.

On the exterior, the Urus Graphite Caspule gets one of four matte finish paint colors for the main body and one of four gloss paint colors for the accents, which are limited to the front splitter, front trims. door, rear spoiler and rims. Matte finishes are available in black, white or a choice of two grays, and accents are available in green, yellow or two choices of orange. Monochrome base paints bring out brightly colored accents.

The exterior color scheme is reflected in the interior, where all seams and a few seat, dash and door panels are the same color as the exterior accents. The rest is finished in black. The aluminum trim has a dark anodized finish and the carbon fiber interior has a matte finish. A special option exclusive to the Graphite Capsule, as well as the Pearl Capsule model, is the ventilated seats covered with Alcantara.

The price has not been announced. The exact availability is also unknown, but it will be available on the current 2021 model. It should therefore be available very soon.

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