Mum amazes with Aldi Di San prewash stain remover for animal odors

Mum amazes with Aldi Di San prewash stain remover for animal odors

Aldi Di-San Pre-Wash Stain Remover is recognized as a “ miracle ” product among cleaning enthusiasts, not only for laundry, but also for a range of household spills.

Now, however, a mom has shared a new and surprising use of the product, which will definitely be helpful for pet owners.

A mom says that Di-San Pre Wash stain remover has another unusual function. Photo: Facebook

Speaking to Facebook, the woman shared a snapshot of her stain remover bottle with a very new idea on how it can be used for household cleanliness.

“This product I cannot recommend highly enough, it does it all,” she wrote next to the picture.

“For all pet owners … [while] cleaners to remove odors are needed, don’t pay pet store prices.

She went on to say that the product, the “ ultra enzyme degreaser ” version, was the only one that worked for her cat who is used to relieving himself wherever he pleases.

“I used this and omg it worked,” she writes. “After more than a year of hanging around different products, this was the answer.”

With pet stores charging up to $ 30 for a spray product that claims to do the same, Aldi spray isn’t just a guaranteed fix, but about $ 28 cheaper.

We all know there is nothing like cat urine to completely destroy the smell of an otherwise fragrant home, and hundreds of others have jumped on the post to confirm they matter. also on the product to control animal pee.

“Totally with you on it,” wrote one lady. “I have a cat who pees every now and then in a corner. Grout stinks when using a steam mop. I used this and wow the smell is totally gone. “

“One of my favorite Aldi products,” said another. “He needs Hall of Fame status. Best $ 1.25 I have ever spent. I use it everywhere. “

Aldi is renowned for winning fans with low budget items. Photo: Getty Images

The spray retails for the ridiculous price of $ 1.25 and won the 2019 Choice Recommended award.

It is marketed as a “strong stain remover”, lemon scented and made in Australia.

He has long enjoyed cult status as a “miracle worker” for his transformation from grout-clogged showers and ruined clothing with notoriously hard-to-remove stains.

It’s yet another feather in Aldi’s cap this month, after their pots and pans widely regarded as quality dupes of the top-of-the-line Le Creuset cast iron cooker hit shelves for the bigger picture. delighted buyers last week.

Yesterday, Aldi fans also praised the Aldi Visage rotating styling brush, which claims to dry and style hair in one step.

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