‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Thore reveals Chase Cheating confession in new season

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My big fabulous lifeof Whitney thore was in tears recently because of Chase Severinocheated. In the new season of the TLC show, she reveals how Chase Severino confessed his infidelity to her.

My Big Fabulous Life: Heartbroken Whitney Thore

In the last episode of My big fabulous life, Whitney Thore and Chase Severino were about to get married. Everyone was thrilled to see Whitney get her dream guy. But unfortunately it did not turn out that way.

Fans wondered if they would ever understand what happened between the My big fabulous life couple. She couldn’t tell anyone what had happened due to her non-disclosure agreement. But in the final season, everyone will know what happened.

Whitney told fans of My big fabulous life that she was having a horrible time. In fact, she said her mental health was suffering. Either way, it looks like fans will be able to see what happened between Chase and Whitney.

Whitney breaks down

After Chase was made clear about her cheating, Whitney Thore collapsed. Chase wanted to come talk to Whitney. In fact, he insisted that he speak to her in person and she wondered what was wrong.

Chase Severino told Whitney Thore to My big fabulous life that he slept with someone else. And the worst part was that he was going to have a baby with this other woman. Whitney cried and said how upset she felt about the betrayal.

She said he didn’t just cheat. But that he was going to have a baby with someone else. She said it hurt a lot and her whole life and what it could be was completely gone now.

My Big Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore

My big fabulous life: a sad season

Fans asked Whitney what they would see when the show premiered in November. She said it was going to be a very difficult season. And that it is difficult for her to look back at him.

As of yet, she hasn’t said if she’s dating anyone. In fact, it looks like she’s dealing with adult toys. Whitney doesn’t have a man, but she said she was doing her best.

The season recently ended on recording MBFFL, and Whitney Thore keeps a brave face. She takes care of her three cats and her dog. Other than taking care of her cat and dog, she said she doesn’t do much. In fact, she’s been pretty much in the house since the start of the pandemic.

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