New survey provides insight into CBD explosion in wildlife space

New survey provides insight into CBD explosion in wildlife space

The survey included respondents from various age groups and income levels, most falling into the millennial category and earning less than $ 50,000 per year.

Attitudes towards safety and efficacy before and after administration of CBD

Before giving CBD to their pets, 20% of respondents expressed concern about the effectiveness. After trying CBD, 56% said it was no longer a problem. Regarding safety, 61% of participants expressed safety concerns before administering CBD to their pets. But after using it, 40% said they were no longer affected. Another key part of the survey is that 63% of respondents indicated that they had tried other medications before trying CBD on their pets. Of these 63%, over 80% agreed that CBD was more effective and safer, respectively.

Following the positive experience, 9 out of 10 participants said they would recommend CBD for pets to others. “The biggest surprise was the relatively high percentage of respondents who started using CBD oil for pets on the recommendation of friends and family (50,45)”, Noted editor Dwight K. Blake. “This statistic suggests that people who use CBD oil for pets have seen enough of its benefits to recommend it to loved ones. Another exciting finding from the study further reinforces the trend where satisfied users recommend CBD oil for pets; over 90% of respondents to this survey recommend using the oil to others. “

Attitudes of veterinarians

When it comes to vet visits, 35% of participants said their vet advised them to use CBD on their pets and 11% said their vets over-advertise CBD for pets. of company. Only 10% of respondents said their vets doubted the effectiveness of CBD for pets, while 24% remained neutral.


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