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CLARK/GARWOOD, NJ — Meet Joy! She has been chosen as Patch’s Pet Of The Week. Nominate your pet and winners will get a digital gift card for a free pet wash from In-N-Out Dog Pet Services.

“I’d like to share that we have a dog named Joy. She is an extremely lovable pup. She has brought a ton of joy to our family and she’s extraordinary with our two kids. Each time she sees our son, Aaron (1-year-old) she stays by his side to ensure he maintains his balance. She keeps his mouth clean after every meal and surely wags her tail from excitement at the mention of a treat. We love Joy dearly and she is an amazing addition to our family, she’s kid-friendly to the max and awaits for Bella (3-years-old) and Aaron to play with her.”

— Edison Jimenez, Bridgewater

Do you think your pet should be Clark-Garwood’s Pet of the Week?

Participating in the Pet of the Week happenings is simple: submit your nomination by emailing with the subject line “Cark-Garwood Pet Of The Week.” Be sure to include a photograph or two of your pet, a paragraph about what makes him or her so great, the town you’re from, and your name.

Then just keep an eye out for a photo of your pet on the Patch!

The photo can be of a present pet, or it can be a baby picture of the adult pet you’re so proud of today. All photos must be the property of the submitter. By submitting a photo to Patch the submitter agrees to give permission for it to be published on Patch.

Additionally, selected winners each week will be given a digital gift certificate for a free pet wash when they stop at In-N-Out Dog Pet Services at 300 North Ave. in Garwood. And winners can also bring their pet into the store for a picture. In-N-Out will put them up on their Facebook page as well.

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