Priya Chetty Rajagopal shares practical tips for a successful dog adoption

Priya Chetty Rajagopal shares practical tips for a successful dog adoption
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In this episode of #QuickTakesWithBangaloreTimes, civic evangelist who is also a dog lover and Founder-Trustee, CJ Memorial Trust, Priya Chetty Rajagopal who is also part of the Cubbon Park Canines group, talks about things dog lovers want to be dogged with. parents should keep in mind before adopting a dog and giving it a home.

Adopt and don’t shop
First, go for the adoption of indies and street dogs rather than breeders many of whom are not even licensed.

Follow your heart when adopting
There will always be a little dog who will look at you and tell you that he wants to come home with you. Therefore, when considering adopting an indie, follow your heart.

Start by caring for a street dog or community dog
When you are ready to take care of a dog, you will always find a cute community dog ​​on the street. So, just in case you want to meet the love of your life and you can’t keep a dog at home yet, get outside and take care of your community dog ​​first.

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It’s a family decision
Always remember that the decision to adopt a dog is not just up to you. Check with your family, it is also their decision to have a dog and not just yours. A lot of people make the mistake of giving to God and it’s a very short term plan, so talk to them. Talk to them if it’s your spouse, your children, your parents, share what you are passionate about adopting and also who will take care of the dog. The dog needs a family and not just you, therefore, keep your family involved.

Remember it’s a decision for life
Prepare to fall in love, be prepared to worry if they are sick, cannot eat, be prepared to be a responsible pet parent, and also be prepared to take all necessary care for the dog. be welcomed into the community. Reach out to communities that help your dog at different times in his life. this decision is for life.


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