Puppies That Are Easiest (and Hardest) to Train

Puppies That Are Easiest (and Hardest) to Train

Can be hard to train: Borzois

Also called Russian wolfhounds, Borzois are intelligent, calm, and agreeable canines, Burch says. Like Afghan hounds, these beauties are elegant, aristocratic-looking, and graceful, and like Basenjis, they have a catlike manner. They’re also stubborn and independent, and AKC experts say you’ll need to be patient and consistent, and hang onto your sense of humor, to train them. They’ll take advantage of a dropped leash—or an unleashed walk—to follow their hunting instinct when they spot a squirrel or another dog and quickly give chase. The Borzoi Club of America advises keeping training sessions with your pup playful, upbeat, and fun, so she’ll be happy, and being patient and kind if she’s scared by new sights and sounds. They don’t recommend sending a Borzoi away for training. Instead, they urge pet owners to bond with their pups.

As Jackson says, “a lot of progress in training depends on the time a pet parent puts into working with their pup—which is why many pet parents are reminded that getting a puppy is hard work! In the end, it’s always worth it—for both parties involved.” Read on to find out the best low-maintenance dogs for busy people.

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