Sean Payton: I get caught up in the game and forget about the mask

Sean Payton: I get caught up in the game and forget about the mask
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Sean Payton had a black gaiter around his neck Monday night. The Saints coach just didn’t pull it up over his face enough to satisfy the league.

The NFL fined him $100,000 and the Saints $250,000. Payton was one of five head coaches the NFL cited for not wearing a face covering enough in Week Two.

“I’ve just gotta do a better job when we’re not on offense,” Payton said Wednesday, via Amie Just of “It’s OK if you’re pulling it down while you’re calling plays but what happens is I get caught up in the game and half the time forget that it’s down, so I’ve just gotta be more diligent with it.”

Payton wore a black gaiter with Breonna Taylor’s name on it in Week One. He had the Saints’ fleur-de-lis logo on his Week Two face covering.

Payton indicated he might try something besides a gaiter for Week Three.

“It’s something we’re just going to have to remind ourselves to do, maybe change the type of mask you’re wearing because it’s easier, I think, if you have the gaiter on to lose track that it sits around your neck,” Payton said.

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