Smelly video shows man repeatedly hitting terrified dog

Smelly video shows man repeatedly hitting terrified dog

Gruesome video has emerged of a man viciously beating his curled up dog in a park, sparking a criminal investigation.

The video of the man repeatedly assaulting his dog, who appears terrified of him, was shared on Facebook over the weekend.

The woman who posted it explained that she initially thought she spotted a lost dog in the Florida park.

“I was about to go get a leash so I can try to locate its owner, but before I can a car pulled over and a guy comes out and starts calling him,” writes her next to the video.

“The dog was reluctant to go see the man, now I know why!”

A man was filmed beating his dog in a park, the video was described as ‘deeply concerning’ by police. Source: Facebook

The man is seen walking with his dog, he then pulls the dog by the leash and bends down, the dog seems reluctant to be near the man and curls up.

He then hits the dog three times, before pulling her up and continuing to walk.

The woman who shared the disturbing video tagged the Boynton Beach Police Department and provided the man’s license plate. They later said they were investigating the incident.

The video garnered quite a bit of attention on Facebook, with hundreds of comments and shares.

On Monday (local time), the man in the video was interviewed by animal cruelty investigator Liz Roehrich and the dog, a two-year-old female Pitbull Labrador named Adi, short for Addison, was seized and taken to a veterinarian for examination. .

“I will do my best to obtain justice for this innocent animal,” Ms. Roehrich said.

“We will always investigate acts of animal abuse and neglect in the city.”

Adi was taken to Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.

The message was then updated on Tuesday, to confirm that the owner had “definitely given up” custody of Adi.

The man has expressed extreme remorse and understands the gravity of his actions, Ms Roehrich said.

Adi was taken to Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control after police began investigating the abuse. Source: Facebook / Friends of Animal Care and Control of Palm Beach County

When Adi was taken from custody of the man on Monday, investigator Roehrich performed a welfare check on the other two dogs in the house.

The other dogs, aged 11 and 13 “appeared to be well groomed” and there was “no probable reason to remove them”.

A criminal investigation is still ongoing, Boyton Beach Police said.

Heartwarming update after a disturbing incident

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control provided a heartwarming update to the story on Thursday.

Adi was placed in the care of her former adoptive father years ago, and he’s now adopted her, the page wrote.

Adi was adopted by her old adoptive father. Source: Facebook / Friends of Animal Care and Control of Palm Beach County

“It was a very exciting and moving meeting for everyone involved! Friends of Palm Beach County Animal Protection and Control wrote on Facebook.

“Addison will now live a wonderful life surrounded by love. She will even find two of her puppies (now adults)! “

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