Stratton’s 5th grader raises more than $ 1,300 for homeless animals amid pandemic

Stratton Elementary School fifth grader Sabina von Goeler with Fonzi.

Stratton Elementary School’s fifth grade, Sabina von Goeler, raised over $ 1,300 in contributions in August and September for her online fundraiser, Fundraising 4 Paws.

The funds went towards cleaning supplies, dog treats and toys, which were delivered to Sweet Paws Rescue in Groveland on September 26. The website,, remains open to anyone who still wants to make a contribution.

“Children like Sabina who donate selflessly to support our rescue are making a huge difference to our animals, and we are extremely grateful,” Sweet Paws Rescue said in a statement.

Von Goeler started Fundraising 4 Paws as part of a community project to earn his Elite Freestyle Karate black belt on Medford Street. She chose Sweet Paws Rescue after going through their adoption process and welcoming a puppy, Fonzi, home this summer.

‘Brilliant experience’

“Adopting Fonzi was a great experience. Sweet Paws Rescue did a really good job making sure Fonzi was safe and having fun in their care, ”von Goeler said in a press release,“ and wanted to make sure they had everything. which they needed to take care of all the other dogs. they help. “

Von Goeler has spent his time at home due to Covid restrictions exploring entrepreneurship and taking courses in designing and starting a summer business, creative writing and innovation. With minimal help from his parents, von Goeler launched his website and began collecting donations on August 10.

“We are extremely proud of her,” says her father, John. “It wasn’t just about meeting friends and family, but rather Sabina projected the neighborhoods, posting flyers and creating a multimedia website to overcome the challenges of fundraising during the Covid era. “

Her mother, Jessica Slate von Goeler, added: “This initiative came from her heart and she really went all out. We helped with the payment processing and the video on their website. The rest was all Sabina.

Sweet Paws Rescue is a Massachusetts-based, volunteer-run animal rescue organization. With a team on the Gulf Coast, Sweet Paws Rescue claims to have rescued over 7,000 homeless puppies, dogs and cats since 2011. It also serves as a resource for abandoned and displaced animals and animals seized in cruelty cases in Massachusetts.

Elite Freestyle Karate has helped thousands of children improve their confidence, focus, self-discipline, respect, and leadership in places in the Boston suburbs. In a home environment, students learn valuable life skills to help them cope with real-world challenges, from bullies to fitness and nutrition.

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This news announcement was published on Thursday, October 1, 2020.


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