‘Terrible condition does not even explain it’ – Animal NGO takes care of dogs mistreated by breeder

'Terrible condition does not even explain it' - Animal NGO takes care of dogs mistreated by breeder

The NGO Association for Abandoned Animals have taken in four dogs which were confiscated by animal welfare from a breeder in Zejtun who has greatly mistreated the dogs.

“Saying they are in terrible condition is not even explaining it. Shocking; beyond shocking.”

Animal Welfare has informed the NGO that they will be taking the breeder to court.

One dog, who the association has named Ollie is completely blind, with one eye beyond infected and the other burst. The vet will have to decide whether to remove either both eyes or just one. He is sand-fly positive, has rotten teeth, gums and has a skin infection.

Another dog, Elton has a skin infection so bad that his fur is falling off, an ear infection, gum infection and missing teeth.

The third dog, Joey is in the best condition out of them all, with just a dental infection and missing teeth. Dog number four, Benny has an eye infection and another eye extremely dry. He has tested sand-fly positive, has a skin infection, dental disease and broken teeth.

All dogs are currently being treated. “We have no words for the criminals who are doing this animal abuse just for money. Lowest of low, you cruel disgusting person.”

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