The Covid cluster is developing within the GOP | by Andrea González-Ramírez | October 2020

The Covid cluster is developing within the GOP |  by Andrea González-Ramírez |  October 2020

President Trump isn’t the only one who tested positive in the past 48 hours

Hope Hicks, Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller and other members of Trump’s inner circle on September 30. Hicks tested positive for Covid the next day. Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP via Getty Images

he It was only a matter of time before President Trump caught the novel coronavirus. For months, the White House and the Trump campaign have refused to take strict measures to protect people from Covid-19, often forgoing social distancing and the use of masks when holding large gatherings such as electoral rallies. People who have spent time near the President, such as his personal valet and Vice President Pence’s press secretary, have also been infected in the past.

Friday morning, Trump ‘s neglect finally caught up with him: he announced that he had tested positive for the virus. News of Trump’s positive test came just hours after aid was diagnosed with Hope Hicks, who regularly spends time closely with the president. Her too was seen close to other senior administration officials over the past week, including first daughter Ivanka Trump, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, campaign manager Bill Stepien, and White House aides Dan Scavino and Stephen Miller .

Ahead, a running list of the potential cluster of Covid-19 cases forming with Trump right in the middle.

The president tested positive for the virus Thursday evening and exhibited mild symptoms. Earlier today, he was in close contact with unmasked supporters during a fundraiser in Bedminster, New Jersey.

FLOTUS tested positive on Thursday evening, but it is not known if she has developed symptoms so far.

Hicks traveled with Trump to and from the presidential debate on Tuesday. She then flew with him again to a Minnesota rally on Wednesday, where she started to feel ill. On Thursday, she tested positive for the virus.

McDaniel tested positive for Covid on Wednesday, but did not reveal his diagnosis until Friday morning. The president developed mild symptoms. She was last seen with President Trump at a fundraiser a week ago on September 25.

Lee began to experience symptoms on Thursday, for which he sought a test that came back positive. On Saturday, September 26, he was at the White House for the ceremony in which Trump appointed Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court. Lee was maskless as he hugged and interacted with other guests

Jenkins announced on Friday that he had tested positive for the virus and had mild symptoms. He also attended Coney Barrett’s nomination ceremony at the White House, where he was seen unmasked and shaking hands with the guests.

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