The K9 practice the law on Lake Lanier

The K9 practice the law on Lake Lanier
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It was the first time Warden had conducted a search like this in the water, Jefferson said, as a dog handler Phil Halladay took the leash off once they both reached shore.

“It took a little bit of encouragement to get off the boat,” Jefferson said, as the dog jumped off the boat and swam a few feet toward the island.

Almost every trail Jefferson has taken recently involved some type of waterway, be it a pond, stream, or river.

“We always want to know that dogs are going to perform well and perform safely for everyone, no matter if it’s the lake or a pond in someone’s backyard,” he said. .

The agent acting as a suspect had his arm wrapped in material with Kevlar underneath. The dogs are trained to grab the suspect’s extremities – forearms, calves, biceps, triceps – to cause as little damage as possible, Jefferson said.

Once Warden clings to the “suspect,” it’s a showdown the dog is determined to win, Jefferson said.

“All dog training has to be fun,” Carlyle said. “The dog always wins in training, so we make it fun for the dog so that the dog wants to go ahead and do that type of training.

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