The RSPCA’s Top Tips for Having a Pet Dog in an Apartment

The RSPCA's Top Tips for Having a Pet Dog in an Apartment
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Do you live in an apartment and want to adopt a dog? Life in the city only improves when you add a canine friend – but you’ll need to tick a few boxes first.

While many dogs make great companions in small living spaces, it is important to choose a dog that best suits that lifestyle and to consider a range of other factors to ensure the best life for your dog. four-legged friend.

We’ve reached out to our RSPCA South Australia Dog Care experts to bring you the following list of factors to consider when deciding whether to bring a dog to your apartment.

1. Check that you are allowed to have a dog in your apartment

Before adopting a dog, you must first check if you are legally allowed to have a dog in your apartment.

If you are renting, inquire directly with your landlord or with your real estate agent.

Do you own your apartment? You still need permission from Layer Management.

2. Pick the right personality for you

You are therefore allowed to have a dog in your apartment – congratulations! Now choose a dog suitable for yourself and the small living space.

Important considerations include energy level and the tendency to be noisy.

We always have beautiful dogs in our shelters waiting for their homes for fur, and our shelter staff know enough about the personality and needs of our rescue puppies to be able to tell us how well some dogs are doing. would settle in apartment living.

“Watch out for certain temperaments,” advises Heather Bradley, RSPCA Dog Training Coordinator in South Australia.

“Dogs that are older and / or described as being calmer, having lower energy levels, or even being ‘couch potatoes’ are likely to be suitable for apartment living.

“It is also important to discuss in detail with the shelter staff whether the dog you are interested in is suitable for an apartment and how to meet the needs of that dog in that space.”

Heather also recommends being mindful of your own lifestyle, as the sitter of the dog you bring into your apartment.

For those who have the opportunity to be home a lot, or maybe even take their dog to work with them, meeting your dog’s needs while living in an apartment will be that much easier.

3. Consider the neighbors

To avoid tension between you and your neighbors, consider minimizing noise.

Even if your dog seems to have the right personality for apartment living, it is also important to ensure that his needs are always considered and that he is enriched.

Otherwise, your usually calm, low-energy dog ​​may start to get bored in your apartment and display behavioral issues like barking and chewing on things he shouldn’t – and no one wants him to, especially if your walls are. thin as paper.

To keep your dog busy while you are away, you might want to check out our easy DIY dog toy ideas.

And, if you’re on the go with your dog, be sure to clean up after him in a public place. This ensures that your neighbor knows you are a responsible landlord.

Heather’s top?

“If you know you are about to adopt a dog, let your neighbors know!” This warns them that disturbances can arise when the new dog settles in. Just giving your neighbors a warning should avoid any drama once you get your dog home and set everyone up for success.

4. Keep your dog busy

It is important to take your dog on daily outings, especially if you are working full time. This ensures that your furry friend will stay happy and healthy.

If your dog enjoys public outings and walks, aim for a daily walk of at least 20 minutes – but remember to make sure the walk is for your dog, not for you! This means that your dog should be given enough time to stop and sniff at will.

“Remember that mental activity and sniffing are more important to your dog than the physical,” Heather tells us.

“Some dogs actually get better stimulation from sniffing outdoors than walking at high energy.”

Returning to the idea of ​​providing enrichment for your puppy when you’re not around, Heather recommends filling a Kong toy with an all-natural peanut butter (or your dog’s favorite treat), and feeding him also with a puzzle feeder. You can also provide interactive toys, alternating them every day or two to keep your dog on his toes! You can find a range of stimulating toys for your dog in our PetVille store in Hillcrest.

Our hot tip? Go shopping with your dog. As long as doggo is comfortable being socialized and meeting new people, take them for walks, visits with friends, or even places that accept pets, which you will find on our PetStop app. These are all easy ways to stimulate your canine companion.

5. Consider toilet options

In advance, make sure you have a green space near your apartment. This will not only make grooming easier, but allow your dog to stretch his legs and use his senses nearby.

It would help to familiarize yourself with a suitable nearby grassy or brushy area that your dog may frequent for a walk.

In terms of toilet accessibility, we recommend using puppy pads and mini fake lawns, which you can find in our PetVille store in Hillcrest. Ideally, they are best placed on a balcony or patio, if you have one.

Photo: toutvintage

6. Other factors to keep in mind

Better Thinking About the Future If your apartment doesn’t have an elevator, could it be a problem if your dog gets injured? If your dog has an upset stomach, is there somewhere you can take your dog almost immediately?

And finally, do you really have the time and commitment to bring a dog into your life, especially your apartment? Working full time doesn’t have to be a problem – as long as you know that when you get home you will have the energy to give your dog the time and attention he has been deprived of during the day.

Heather leaves us with the following:

“Dogs can be great companions in any type of home, but only if you truly have the time, commitment and resources to meet all of their needs.”

If you need additional assistance while your dog adjusts to apartment life, at RSPCA Dog Training we now offer one-on-one training. One of our qualified powerless dog trainers will be able to come to your apartment, meet your dog, and help you make a plan to keep your dog stimulated based on their individual needs.

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