TLC, 24 hour supervision and quality facility are the hallmarks of daycare and housing for all good dogs

TLC, 24 hour supervision and quality facility are the hallmarks of daycare and housing for all good dogs
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FRIENDLY FACES: “All of our employees love dogs. Their love and support for dogs is their top priority. We have a really dedicated and loyal staff, ”says Carole Lini, Founder and Owner of All Good Dogs Daycare & Boarding. Shown are daycare counselors and attendants Lexi Corrington (standing), holding chihuahua BB, and Carly Goldman on the couch with mixed-breed Snickers.

By Jean Stratton

FWhen she was little, Carole Lini loved animals. Growing up with dogs and cats, she spent many hours playing with her four-legged friends.

Over the years, the pleasures of being with and caring for animals have continued. She became a veterinary technician and then ran her own pet sitting business. And for over 20 years, its mission has been to provide dogs with a safe, friendly and comfortable “home”.

Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, All Good Dogs Daycare & Boarding has established an exceptional reputation in the Princeton area and beyond. Founded and owned by Lini, the company has two locations: 160 Basin Road in the Township of Lawrence and a small shop at 113 Schalks Crossing Road in southern Brunswick. Both sites are just a 10-minute drive from Princeton, Lini points out.

These cage-free kennel alternatives provide dogs with a safe, friendly, nurturing, clean and comfortable environment in which to socialize with other dogs under the supervision of trained counselors.

Cage-less concept

“We are really pioneers of this concept in our region, in particular the concept of boarding without a cage,” explains Lini. “We are open 365 days a year and 24/7 at the Basin Road site. There is always a member of staff here when the dogs are boarding overnight. We are the only daycare in the region to offer a 24-hour supervised service.

Due to the coronavirus, both sites were closed in March. The Lawrence Township facility reopened at the end of June and the Schalks crossing is expected to reopen in September.

Both facilities provide a pleasant environment for dogs, which are of all ages, sizes and breeds. “We pride ourselves on providing the best environment and experience for dogs, and our setup is impeccable,” says Lini.

This has always been the case, even before the advent of COVID-19, she emphasizes. “We have always focused on cleanliness, but now with COVID we are taking even more sanitation precautions. We follow all state rules, including wearing masks and social distancing. If the owners opt for a curbside pick-up and drop-off, we will immediately pick up the dog. If they prefer to enter, we ask that only one person enter at a time. We also offer transportation to and from the house.

During this time of the virus, many dogs were adopted, she notes, and now when some people return to work outside the home, these dogs can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone. .

“Those preparing to return to the office may want to restart the daycare now to avoid problems,” Lini says. “Allowing the dog to socialize, exercise and play with other dogs is a great advantage. We can provide levels of exercise beyond a simple walk or playing with their owner. In addition, our babysitting services provide the perfect opportunity to socialize your new puppy in a safe environment. It is best to start the socialization process early. “

Free evaluation

Potential customers receive a free two hour evaluation, ”she reports. “This will include the dog’s personality and temperament. The dog should be comfortable with other dogs and not display aggressive behavior.

Additionally, all dogs should be spayed or neutered, receive up-to-date rabies vaccines and vaccines, as well as monthly flea and tick treatment.

All of Good Dogs’ clients span the canine spectrum, she adds, and they’re grouped by age, size, temperament, and activity level.

Some dogs prefer to stay outdoors a good part of the day; others enjoy a well-deserved nap indoors. “We usually run them indoors and outdoors, so they have the opportunity to play outdoors and indoors,” Lini explains.

The particularly large Lawrence facility (5,000 square feet) provides plentiful indoor and outdoor space for dogs to enjoy. In addition to the very large outdoor yards in a park setting with fun play sets, there are indoor play areas and areas for feeding, sleeping and grooming.

Typically guests will bring their dog’s food, but All Good Dogs will provide food if guests wish. In addition, staff will provide medication if needed. The daycare works with the Robbinsville Veterinary Clinic, but clients can also provide the name of their own veterinarian.

Comfort level

Most dogs come for a full day, but half-day sessions are also available. In addition, the hours can also be adapted to customer needs.

For dogs staying overnight, a member of staff is always available, giving owners an added level of comfort. “It really sets us apart,” says Lini. “Night staff is not the case in most boarding schools.”

Professional grooming is another important service at All Good Dogs, and bathing, clipping, ear cleaning, and nail trimming are all available.

Service prices vary based on length of stay, and special discounts for multiple dogs are offered, as well as discounts for military and senior citizens. In addition, special discounts of 10 and 20 coupons are available on the book.

All Good Dogs recently partnered with Southern Comfort Animal Rescue, an organization that brings dogs from the south to people wishing to adopt them.

“When we were closed I contacted them because I have the space upstairs to keep the dogs until they go to their new homes. They are all pre-adopted and their new owners can meet them at Rosedale Mills, who is also involved in this program, Lini explains. “They recently raised 30 dogs, and the majority are puppies.

“If you’d like to learn more about it and maybe adopt a new dog, visit their website at to see the animals available. And remember, once you’ve adopted your new dog, All Good Dogs is the perfect choice for a safe environment for the puppy to play and make new friends.

Particular attention

Lini is delighted to have been able to reopen and that many long-time customers are returning. They have been very supportive over the years, she reports, noting that they always appreciate the special attention and personal care that All Good Dogs offers, as well as the warm and friendly atmosphere.

“We’re a small, independent business, not a franchise, and our clients appreciate that little ‘home’ feeling that we have. Their pets are very important to them, ”she says,“ and many people have been so generous to us over the years.

“At first, the late author Peter Benchley gave us a check for $ 5,000 because he admired what we were doing. And during the time we were closed, a current client ‘parent’ of our dog client Miso gave us a very generous donation.

In addition to its day care services, All Good Dogs offers home day care for dogs and cats for pets that prefer their home environment: Whisker Watchers for dogs and Mrs. Paws for cats. All animal sitters are bonded and insured.

No two days are the same at All Good Dogs, and although she has seen many changes and new situations, Lini is never surprised at the depth of feelings and attachment the owners have for them. their pets. Special requests are not unusual.

“As a home pet sitter, I was asked to sing a special song to a cat!” she remembers. She gladly complied, as she is always eager to do whatever she can to create a pleasant environment for each animal. During overnight stays, she will provide personal information and updates to pet owners, and as she reports, “Some owners love their dogs so much that they’ll even call and ask to speak to the dog.”

New adventure

Carole Lini is proud that All Good Dogs has responded to an important need, which continues to grow. “Every day is a new adventure. When you think you know everything, something new happens. We are always open to new experiences and we can learn something from these great dogs anytime.

“It’s a labor of love for me, but it’s hard work, 365 days a year. What I love most are dogs – their unconditional love is irreplaceable. I am so happy that I have been able to provide them with high quality cage-free care for all these years. They are such an important part of our lives.

“This couldn’t happen without our wonderful staff and their dedication to dogs and dedicated ‘pet parents’. It really takes a village, with team players by your side at all times.

“Plus, everyone should follow their dream, even when people tell you you can’t do it, it can’t happen. It takes hard work, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but if you believe it, it will happen!

All Good Dogs is open Monday to Friday 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (609) 587-3535. Website:

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