Wellington Turman from UFC details ‘very bad’ two-week COVID-19 case: ‘I felt like an old man’

Wellington Turman from UFC details 'very bad' two-week COVID-19 case: 'I felt like an old man'

Not only was UFC middleweight Wellington Turman forced to withdraw from the Oct. 31 fight with Sean Strickland due to a positive COVID-19 test, his battle with the disease was rather difficult to endure.

In an interview with Combate, the 24-year-old fighter detailed all of the symptoms he was experiencing and how the infection was affecting his daily life. According to Wellington, mundane tasks like cleaning up after his dog have been made almost impossible due to the shortness of breath Turman experienced, for example.

“I was tested three weeks ago,” Turman said. “My brother had his first symptoms on a Tuesday, then on Wednesday, I felt it too. I had seen him on Monday. You have to wait a bit, because the virus takes a while to appear. I waited three days, got tested, and he came back positive. I was in pretty bad shape. I’m usually not sick, not even a cold or anything, but this thing knocked me over.

“I had a fever, chest pain, shortness of breath,” Turman continued. “I felt like an old man. When I had to go outside to clean my dog’s pee, I was already breathing heavily. It was very bad, I was in bad shape for two weeks, then I got better. I still have chest pain, but I feel better.

Even though Wellington says he mostly prefers to stay home and maintain a healthy lifestyle, illness still put him out of service for two weeks. Now that he’s starting to feel better, Turman never wants to feel that way again and will respect the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 more from now on.

“I started to respect him more,” Turman said. “I’ve always taken really good care of myself, especially because of the UFC. You need to be healthy all the time. I was taking care of myself, I like to stay at home, but you end up catching it from your own family with no idea. I take care of my diet, I don’t drink and I still have it quite badly. It wasn’t to the point where I needed to go to the hospital, but it knocked me over in a way I never want to feel again.

In his last outing, Wellington Turman (16-4) was eliminated by Andrew Sanchez in August. Before that, the 24-year-old had won a unanimous decision victory over fellow Brazilian Markus Perez.

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