West Side Rag »Bubble Craze Spreads To More Restaurants

West Side Rag »Bubble Craze Spreads To More Restaurants

Posted on October 1, 2020 at 3:22 p.m. by West Sider

Enter the Lucciola bubble.

We’ve all been living in bubbles for months, and now our metaphorical isolation is becoming a real phenomenon at local restaurants – bubbles are new seating structures at multiple Upper West Side joints.

The first to advertise the craze was Café du Soleil on Broadway and 104e Street. Our story on these bubbles has been followed by similar articles in national and even international outlets.

Others also put themselves in bubbles. AT Lucciola, an Italian spot on 90th and Amsterdam, a large bubble (above) also attracted diners. They got it from Amazon and it goes by the fancy name of Alvantor Winter Screen House Room. The description: “Featuring excellent heat retention, waterproof, wind resistant and PVC makes for a warm and relaxing outdoor space for you and your family on rainy, snowy and windy days. Best transparent room to enjoy the garden, gardens, travel, parties, afternoon tea, picnic or meetings. Lucciola says they completely disinfect the bubble between parties.

Even the puppy!

And E bar at 511 Amsterdam and 85th has a bit smaller too. “We wipe with disinfectant and spray Lysol between us,” owner Erin Bellard wrote.

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