Youth organisation rescues stray animals; aims to create awareness among people

Youth organisation rescues stray animals; aims to create awareness among people

Thane: A youth organization in Thane, carrying rescue operation of street animals, hold an awareness campaign named ‘Piggy Bank of love’ with an aim to spread awareness among residents, to report all types of animals rescue in the city.
The organisation named as Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP), also aims to introduce animal shelter comprising educational shelter for animal lovers through which they can educate people about animals and their behaviour.
“The aim of the campaign introduced this month is to spread awareness about carrying rescue operations for all animals, as we often get rescue calls for pets like dogs, cats, and birds. The campaign aims to create awareness among the residents and to alert our volunteers if any animals (apart from cat and dog) who are in need of help,” said Sushank Tomar, 25, founder of Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) an NGO active in Thane and nearby cities.
“Following the campaign we started receiving calls for the rescue of other animals like cow, horse, pigs too,” added Tomar.
The CAP organisation who has been active during the lockdown phase amid pandemic has received several calls on their helplines for the animal’s rescue.
“Normally we receive 10 to 15 calls a day, but since lockdown, it raised to 25 to 30 per day. However, most of the cases were attended online with proper direction to the complainant, amid lockdown as it consists of minor doubts or help. However, around 50 animals were rescued by attending them on the field, as it required urgent attention. Most of them were released after undergoing care and medical treatment by our volunteers and the medical team. At present the CAP has 8 rescued animals in their custody,” said Tomar.
The CAP has recently announced to introduce animal shelter at Thane’s Waghbil area in 10,000 square feet space.
“We often face difficulty to take care of the rescued animals, due to lack of space; hence the animal shelter will be soon developed till the year-end in Thane. The shelter is being developed along with another organisation named as Yeoor environmental society from Thane,” said Purva Desai, 25, another volunteer, who takes care of rescue and rehabilitation of animals for CAP.
The animal shelter will also provide a platform to carry workshops for residents, with an aim to educate them about the animals.
“The educational shelter will be developed aside, to aware the people more about various species of animals and how to treat them as we need to see every other animals with different perspective,” added Desai.

About CAP: The organisation was founded last year with an aim to help and feed street and abandoned animals in the city. The organisation consists of 7 members and 20 volunteers. CAP consists of various teams taking care of rescue, adoption, and legal process, with an in-house medical team of a veterinarian to take care of rescued animals.

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